October 22, 2009

Food Heroes - Christine Manfield

After briefly talking about the lecture I attended with Christine Manfield, I thought I would dedicate a post...because it really was...JUST SO GOOD!!!

The State Library here in Queensland starting doing a lecture series focused around food. A couple of lectures had already passed...and I may not have ever found out about them until a name caught my eye...

Christine Manfield.

Christine Manfield

I had first heard of Christine when I read a book my mum bought in Sydney called "First Kiss". It is an absolutely adorable book focusing on different long term couples and how their relationships started. Christine and her partner Margie Harris were in the book and what took me was their incredible story and how much food played a part in their lives.

So when I saw an opportunity to attend a lecture with Christine Manfield, I couldn't let the opportunity pass.

The lecture was an introduction and discussion on Christine's new book called Fire: A World of Flavour. Being the cookbook addict that I am, I of course couldn't resist. I have Christine's dessert cookbook, but this book looked so beautiful, I had to get a copy.

Image of Fire front cover

A number of reviewers have said that the recipes are complex and some of the ingredients are unusual which makes the offering unattainable yo a home cook. Maybe this is true, but the beauty of this book, its presentation and the stories really inspire me to try and attempt the recipes and learn more.

What I particularly enjoy about this book is how Christine has used it to document her extensive travels as tastes. Christine talks about the best dishes and where she ate them, how she found the best hummus, her favourite places and the things she found that inspire her to create amazing food and recipes. The combination of food and travel is a classic one, but what makes this different is that Christine has intertwined her own amazing adventures.

I didn't realise until I attended the lecture what a fascinating person Christine Manfield is, and how deep and interesting her experiences are. Her enthusiasm and passion are intoxicating. I honestly don't know what I was expecting, but it was not the inspirational experience that I got. I left the lecture on cloud 9. Completely impressed with the discussion that happened and very grateful that I could be a part of it.

Fire dedication
For Margie, you constantly inspire and amaze me.
I am in awe of your insight, understanding and nurturing.
You offer meaning to every adventure in life.

Just beautiful.

A signed copy

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