December 5, 2009

Black Sesame Ice Cream

The experience of Black Sesame Ice Cream has been on my "to do" list for quite some time. I am on my way home this afternoon from Sydney and I have ducked into a Japanese restaurant for lunch before I go to the airport, and low and behold, Black Sesame Ice Cream is on the menu.

Seeing as I have been in Sydney for the last few days with the sole motivation of seeing the Dalai Lama, I figured that today is a pretty good day to do something more out of the ordinary and try some ice cream that looks by all intents and purposes to be something that should be buried.

Black Sesame Ice Cream

It's black. And the original thought in my closed little mind was ice cream can be white (vanilla), pink (strawberry), green (mint), brown (chocolate), yellow (banana), orange (mango), rainbow colour (rainbow paddle pop)...but never, never have I said to myself, ice cream is a grand idea and is totally ok.

That being said's unusual...and I get a kick out of unusual food...and I'll try anything at least three here's what happened...

I ordered a scoop of Black Sesame Ice Cream and grabbed a spoon...
Took a bite...
And was blown away!!!


Getting past the colour, it is a velvety, sweet but earthy flavour that is completely more-ish and a total surprise. It was a total experience for me…and one that I plan to have again very, very soon.

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