December 5, 2009


For me Edamame is on the key list of amazing food. Simple, elegant and very entertaining to eat. I can sit there and just eat them like peanuts...delightful.

If you don't know what Edamame are...they are soy beans that are served in most Japanese and Sushi restaurants. Some friends introduced them to me some years back now, and it is a love affair that will last a lifetime :)


People I have introduced to them though haven't been quite as enamoured as I seem to have become. For one friend in particular they seemed too fiddly and far too much trouble. You see you don’t eat the whole pod. You can eat the whole pod, but it is much tastier if you take a pod and squeeze the beans into your mouth. As you do this, some of the flavouring that the pods have been tossed in comes with the bean. YUM!!!

The pods are usually tossed with fresh sea salt and served. This does reduce their healthiness level somewhat, taking a big salt hit with each bean, but it is addictively tasty.

Wagamama does Edamame particularly well and they come in three flavour options. One you can get them plain. Two you can get them with sea salt. Three you can get them with chilli and oil. Lovely!!!

If you haven't given Edamame a chance, do yourself a favour and try them. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I do!!!

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