December 16, 2009

What the FIG?

I have a confession to make...I have never tried a fresh fig before. It sounds silly I know, but I have just never had an occasion or the understanding of what a ripe, fresh fig looks like to be able to jump right in there and taste away. I pride myself on the range and variety of food that I eat, so I was somewhat embarrassed today when a colleague kindly offered me a fresh fig from the selection that she had brought in to eat.


They are surprising little fruits and very different to their dried counterparts, of which I have eaten plenty on good cheese platters :)

A ripe fig is very soft and delicate and has an opening that you use to break the fruit apart and turn pieces of it out to eat. It sweet and honey like with a wonderful flavour. I want to investigate more and see what I can do with these little gems. I have seen them battered and bruised at fruit shops before so now that I know, I can be selective and give the fig revolution a go.

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