January 28, 2010


You will need a name tag with your address on it because this place will make you forget everything. So delicious, so delectable, so divine. It is a work of art in pure magnificence.

Chocolate platter

I was lucky enough to be in Melbourne with my friend Jacqui and we decided that a trip into town was in order. From time to time Jac takes a trip to Melbourne to visit her dad and step-mum and for a couple of these trips Jac has been kind enough to invite me along. I love visiting Trev and Veeds because there are always multiple fantastic food adventures and they are always so kind and welcoming.

On this particular day Jac and I were in town and her determined sweet tooth lead us right to the door of heaven KokoBlack Chocolate.

Iced chocolate

I have forgotten the name of the menu item that we ordered...I did warn you about forgetfulness...but it was a chocolate platter for two that involved a hot chocolate and an iced chocolate. All I can say is that it is THE BEST hot chocolate I have ever had the pleasure of drinking.

Hot chocolate

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