March 26, 2010


Earlier this year, my friend Tegan and I got a bit inspired over a couple of beers. We had finished work early one Friday and got to talking about amazing food experiences. We found, after making ourselves terribly hungry, that we both have some great food experiences and only a couple of them we made a list :)

A list to end all lists of the fantastic restaurants that we will go to each pay week in order to experience some of the most delicious food that Brisbane has to offer.

The first pick off this list was Citron which is a modern asian restaurant at Wilston.

To say it was incredible is an understatement. It was so good I forgot to take photos. It was an absolutely wonderful food experience.

Citron Mixed Entree

This is the one photo I did take because it was my first encounter with a Betel Leaf. This was our entree called the mixed taste plate. The mixed taste plate consists of one of:
- betel leaves with sand crab, shaved fresh coconut, chilli & coriander
- beef & lemongrass bites
- cured ocean trout, pirella, sweet fish sauce and finger lime.

Eating this caused my brain to explode. I wasn't so fussed on the beef & lemongrass bites but the cured ocean trout and the sand crab betel leaf was SIMPLY DIVINE.

Then we moved on to mains. We ordered:
- chilli salt calamari, coriander & lime dipping sauce & wombok salad
- sweet sticky pork, seared scallops, green papaya & apple salad & roasted peanuts
- coconut chicken salad, cucumber, mint, coriander, crispy shallots and shrimp floss
- salted beef rib braised in coconut milk with green curry sauce & pickled vegetables
- steamed jasmine rice.

We ate ourselves silly. Tegan's friend Anna joined us for dinner and thank god there were three of us there because it's the only way we could get through all of that food. The salted beef rib and sweet sticky pork with seared scallops were the clear highlights for me.

Citron is written up in the Good Food and Wine Guide 2010 (Queensland) and it thoroughly deserves to be there...although I think it should have been scored higher. It is an absolutely delicious dining experience and one that I plan to repeat VERY soon.

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