April 7, 2010

Blue Smoke

One particularly fraught day at work, I began to lose all hope. Sometimes days like that happen where nothing goes right and you wonder why...oh why...are you even at work. Linda, a friend of mine at work noticed my mood and general air of despair and hatched a plan to save my sorry soul. The terms were her place, Blue Smoke, 6-ish.

What is Blue Smoke you ask???

Blue Smoke is simple, pure, HEAVEN!!!

It is an American BBQ restaurant at New Farm that specialises in unbelievable deliciousness!!! Seriously...sometimes...there are just no words.

Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce

To date, I have to admit that I haven't managed to get past the Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce. They are a little slice of heaven and oh so comforting. Sitting with a take away container or eating in with a platter of wings just feels so dam right, and Blue Smoke, sure as anything, know how to do wings.

Then there's the potato salad.

Simply irresistible.

So creamy, but not overpowering or too much. It goes so well with the wings and is so unbelievably more-ish. The thing that surprised me most about the potato salad is the crunch that they have managed to add to it. I think they achieve it by adding celery and radish...but I can't be sure...

Creamy Potato Salad

The other revelation I had when I ate in at Blue Smoke is how delicious their corn bread is. I had never had corn bread before, but they serve it complementary with all meals. Their bread is the absolute definition of comfort food. Satisfying and delicious, I am going to have a go at making it myself and see if I can make something that tastes just as good.

The wings are done

Blue Smoke is simply delicious. Difficult to get a booking at times, but totally worth the wait when you get there. They do sittings, so best to ring if you want to experience some stunning comfort food...and let me know what else is fantastic on the menu.

I hear the ribs are brilliant!!!

It was that good!

Yes...OMG...it was that good!!!

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  1. Julie - you are on the money. This place is truly umasing :) The wings are addictive though - so watch out eaters!!

    Anything Julie recommends - food wise...she's the girl. Affectionately known as "Around me girl".