October 21, 2009

Food Heroes - Stephanie Alexander

I recently (15th October) had the pleasure of attending a presentation given by Stephanie Alexander. What a treat!!!

Stephanie Alexander

I had missed Maggie Beer earlier in the year, and now that I have started the quest to meet my food heroes (beginning with Christine Manfield last year), I was pleased to get a place in Stephanie Alexander's audience.

The focus was on the new book "Kitchen Garden Companion" a play on one of her more famous books "The Cooks Companion". I must say the presentation was thoroughly captivating. The message, the food and the determination of this woman impressed me. When I had sat in on the Christine Manfield lecture I had been absolutely stunned too. I had expected the "business woman" to be the most prominent character to be present and instead there was just this most fascinatingly interesting woman whose passion flowed from every pore in her body. Stephanie was much the same.

Stephanie Alexander

I had bought a copy of the "Kitchen Garden Companion" at the venue and had carried my copy of the "Cooks Companion" with me - no small feat let me tell you, the books are HUGE! I put myself through it though in the hopes that I could get both of them signed. I had thought that she would only sign the "Kitchen Garden Companion" because that was the book promotion.


I raced through dessert and ran downstairs so that I could be first in line for the book signing. That way no one would be pissed with me for holding them up by asking her to sign an extra book. I had worked myself up to the disappointment of Stephanie saying that she would not sign it...and so I very timidly asked her.

Stephanie Alexander

She was lovely. She seemed truly chuffed that I had brought it with me, and had asked rather than shoved it under her nose. So I got both of my books signed and left after a wonderful evening and a truly amazing experience.

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