May 3, 2010

The Invention Test: Wings with Blue Cheese Sauce

A little while ago I posted about a restaurant that has become a place of worship for some friends and me, particularly when we're stressed at work. This restaurant of pure heaven is Blue Smoke and in all of my visits there I have not ventured past their entree of Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Sauce.

They are seriously that good...

Anyway, so I was looking through some cookbooks that I have in my ever growing collection and came across a recipe that made my heart beat a little faster...a recipe for the wings *EVIL GRIN* I am also working on recipes for the corn bread and potato salad sides...and while I am not expecting to get it all perfect, I enjoy the challenge.

So, I have had this recipe for a while and finally got the time this afternoon to give it a go and see what it's like...and I think the result is pretty close.

I am going to put the method up here...and some pics...but not the recipe. I want to keep working on it and modifying it before I let everyone loose on it.

First up I made the blue cheese sauce. A pretty simple little concoction that didn't take much effort at all. I crumbled up some blue cheese...

Blue Cheese

Then I added yoghurt and some other ingredients. The recipe said to leave the sauce a bit chunky so that there were blue cheese bits in it. Blue Smoke don't do this, so I blitzed it...and it became a smooth blue cheese sauce...

Blue Cheese Sauce

For the chicken to have the right taste it has to have a sauce that it gets coated in. I have two recipes for this dish, and one called for the chicken to be marinated while the other did not. I decided not to marinate the chicken because I don't think that's how Blue Smoke does their dish. So I made the coating sauce...

Wing Coating Sauce

A mistake I made with the sauce was that I didn't put enough chilli into it, so the end product was pretty tame. I know for next time to be much more generous!!!

Then on to the chicken. I bought 6 chicken wings for this trial. The recipe called for 6 and said that the end result feeds 3 or 4 people. Ideally once I get this right, I would like to double or triple that amount, but I thought for a good trial I will stick to the recipe and see what happens. To have the wings as finger food they need to be jointed so that there is a little "drum stick" piece and then the rest of the wing. Once that is done they then need to be patted dry with paper towel and coated with flour and seasoned.

Chicken Wings

Then the wings need to be fried. I decided to do a shallow fry in peanut oil. I chose peanut oil because it can hold a pretty high temperature without burning or getting too out of control. I don't own a deep fryer so this is a good alternative.

Chicken Wings Frying

I cooked the wing pieces in batches so that the pan wasn't over crowded and the oil didn't cool down too much when the food was added. This made the wings really nice and moist.

Once the wings were cooked and golden brown I drained them on some paper towel and then tossed them with the coating sauce. The recipe then said to serve immediately with celery sticks and blue cheese sauce...

Finished Wings Served

As a trial they were lovely. But...they need to be crispier when served. To get that effect I am going to try finishing them off in the oven after they are tossed with the coating sauce. I think a pre-heated oven at 180oC for about 15 or 20 minutes should do the trick. I will try this next time and drizzle them with any left over coating sauce to serve so that they glisten. Not bad for a first try though...I am pretty happy with the result.

Finished Wings on a Plate

Next up I want to try the corn bread and potato salad :)

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