May 4, 2010

What to Eat...what to eat...

Lately things have been so's say hectic...both at work and at home that by night time my brain starts to race. At the moment it's pretty much work that's getting me...but it's cool, uni was way harder and much more full on and I survived that and hit it out of the ball park...but I just can't seem to tell my mind to give it a rest after about 10pm at night :(

I find too that it's silly things that seem to pop into my thoughts and then they just cascade into a cacophony of stuff...nothing much useful.

So right now I am trying to work out (still) what I am cooking next weekend at the second Little Dog Down Maleny session. I absolutely nailed the risotto on the first trip that I find I have made myself some big shoes to fill...and I can't quite put my hands on a recipe or an idea that really floats my boat...well as much as the risotto did.

I know I have to cook the main meal in the camp oven. That's cool. Except I've never used a camp oven before. Ok...also not a big deal. My issue is thinking of a nice combination that will be delicious and go well in the camp oven without too many headaches. I've had enough of them...which reminds me...I really need to book a massage. the other thing that was put out there on the last Maleny trip was the it would be cool if I did a dish with rabbit in it. I've never cooked with rabbit before...and my family aren't too keen on trying it, so a trial is out. I know I have to be careful to make sure it doesn't dry out. But I'm thinking of doing a rabbit cacciatora so if the meat is kind of poached almost in liquid then it should stay moist. It's a modified version of Jamie Oliver's Pollo alla Cacciatora recipe that I know will be delicious's Jamie Oliver...and it's called Hunter's Stew which is a bit whimsical and helps the sales pitch for me...I just don't know what it is that hasn't fully sold me on it.

Then I'm thinking ok...if I do Coniglio alla Cacciatora or Bunny alla Cacciatora (the new official name which kind of sells it for me), I'll need some good sides to go with it. Something to soak up the juices would be good...maybe a fresh, warm damper bread??? That could be good. And maybe some smashed potatoes...they feel a bit random though so I'm not sure if they fit. Maybe just the bread would be good.

Ok...I think that could be a plan...right on to the next thing...

And apologies, there's no pictures in this one :)

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