January 31, 2012

The fish that got me going

I have been wanting to get back into this blog for a while now, simply because I love food. Time has been at a premium...and...life has happened...and...I've been on a diet.

Thanks to Jenny Craig I've lost 13kgs, and while I am taking a break from it at the moment, I plan most sincerely to keep the weight off. I also plan to thoroughly enjoy myself. The difference is now though that I believe I have the tools to balance my food better so that my weight doesn't careen out of control. I am very grateful for my Jenny experience. I have learnt a lot.


But, when I needed a pick-me-up late last year, a good friend of mine showed some delicious moral support, and took me to The Marque in Brisbane on George Street for lunch. And my lunch got me thinking.


Barramundi at The Marque

It was Barramundi, grilled with wilted spinach and served on a rustic potato stack. The photo cannot do the dish justice. The whole meal was so perfectly cooked and seasoned that I decided that this was to be the meal that got me writing and thinking again.

But late last year??? Why not a mention until now???

Well this morning is my first day back in Brisbane after a week in Melbourne with some truly wonderful friends. Over a few (or several) drinks they convinced me that this blog is great and I need...NO HAVE TO...get back in to contributing to it.

So here I am...

With stories to tell and adventures to plan :)

I can't wait!!!

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