February 20, 2012

And pretty maids all in a row: Garden UPDATE

The apple cucumbers are growing so big now that they will soon need to be supported to stand up. I am VERY excited by their progress. They are growing so quickly and look so strong and healthy...it's wonderful :)

So on the weekend I bought a trellis of sorts to help support the cucumbers when they get taller and start to lean.

This is at week 3:

Garden update week 3

The whole pot is looking great. I ended up losing another fancy lettuce...so I'm 3 from 6 at this stage. But the remaining lettuce are looking really strong and I'm confident that we are past all of the losses for now.

I also had a fantastic gardening idea on the weekend.

When we were packing up my Gran's house I saved seeds from a chilli bush that my great-grandmother planted when she was a young woman. The plant was still growing when we left the house for the last time. The new owners have since removed it, and knowing that I couldn't transplant it, I saved the seeds. It was really important to me that I save the plant somehow, and the seeds were the only way.

So, on the weekend, I bought another Tuscan pot...and I will be planting some of my saved chilli seeds. I can't wait to see how they go...

Progress shots will of course be posted.

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