February 4, 2012


I want to start this post by saying the 5 is one of my favourite numbers. I am born on the 5th, in numerology my name adds up to a 5, and my birthday adds up to a 5. I'm  a 5 kinda girl.

So when a restaurant opened up in Camp Hill called Cinco...I became instantly intrigued.

Cinco menu

For what feels like years now, I have been saying "must go to Cinco." I saw the restaurant and owner/chef Peter Stubbs written up in Gourmet Traveller magazine, and thought "must go to Cinco."

And then the unthinkable happened.

As I was driving past the restaurant one morning, which is an every morning activity, I noticed that it had been gutted. And in turn...I was instantly gutted. I had missed my opportunity to go to Cinco and sample the home grown talent of Peter Stubbs.

To my very great relief, Cinco was being renovated, and re-opened not long after. But it was still far too long between that moment and the moment that I FINALLY got to have dinner at Cinco.

Can I say...the wait was absolutely worth it.

A simple relaxed atmosphere and a head waiter who knows his menu back to front and round again, gives way to a wonderful food experience.

On this occasion I didn't have an entree meal...but I intend to have a return visit to Cinco to try a raft of other items on the menu.

Appetiser - Pan fried olives and sourdough bread
Pan fried olives


Main - Barramundi with a side of potato and green beans
Cinco main

Potato side

Green beans

Dessert - One of each of the Small Sweet Bites
Cinco dessert

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