February 11, 2012

The Invention Test: Juicy Lucy

One of the places that I would dearly love to visit and spend a lot of time is America. I have always held a deep fascination for America, the people, the food, the sights and the culture. Being in Australia I have met a handful of Americans who now call Australia home, and when I was 12 we had an exchange traveller staying with our family who was from Roanoke Virginia. Everyone I have met has been lovely. Through their generosity of spirit and beautiful nature, they have convinced me that their home land is a place I simply must see and admire.

So for me it is a MUST...with repeat returns thrown in for good measure.

I am enthralled by people who can come up with a holiday to give thanks, but for an extra twist serve Sweet Potato Pie with Marshmallows. I mean marshmallows!!! People that is BRILLIANT!!! Then there's the concept of deep frying a turkey. Also genius. Then let's not mention the Reuben Sandwich, Gumbo, cheese steak, New England clam chowder and BARBECUE (to name a few items of interest). OMG...

Sports have also got me hooked. I LOVE LOVE LOVE American football. The Giants are my team. I think I am finally starting to understand the intricacies of the game. But if anything, for me it is just so entertaining to watch. I don't mind the baseball either. I'm a Yankees fan. Maybe New York should be my first destination of worship and pure admiration for a country that just captures my imagination.

So never having been to America, I get a lot of my information and must visits from the TV. Don't hate me people, I know TV isn't the best source. I mean look at how badly the Simpsons butchered Australians. We SO AREN'T LIKE THAT. But what I do take from TV is landmarks and destination suggestions for when I finally do arrive on American shores.

A show that I semi-regularly watch recently featured a burger called the Juicy Lucy. See what I mean??? Only in America...

So the Juicy Lucy is a burger from South Minneapolis and two bars on the same street claim to have invented it. They are Matt's Bar and the 5-8 Club. The rivalry aside, I was absolutely amazed by the inventiveness...and frankly I understand the rivalry. If I had invented this burger, I'd want my name there in lights.

Now...a Juicy Lucy has an interesting difference from a usual burger. Instead of the cheese being on top of the meat patty, it is built into the centre of the patty while the meat is raw and then cooked until it melts. The end result is a melted cheese centre in your burger that oozes and gushes when you take your first bite. The cheese is scalding hot so be careful. But seriously...what an amazing idea!!!

So here is my take on a Juicy Lucy.

For the meat patty, I kept the ingredients minimal.

500kg lean beef mince
1/2 brown onion, finely chopped
1 tsp dried oregano
1 egg
Sprinkle of breadcrumbs to bring it all together

Meat patty mixture

For the cheese centre, I improvised. As I said, I am in Australia, so the downside is that I can't get American cheese in Australia. This disappointed me considerably I have to say.

Jarslberg cheese, slices
Red Leister Cheese (British), grated
Australian tasty cheese, grated

Cheese centre

Then I sealed the patty and placed it in the fry pan. I had also finely chopped some onions to fry up and put as extra on the burger during final construction.

Juicy Lucy patty

Juicy Lucy fry up

Lesson learned in this picture, you really need to do a top job in sealing up the patty before you fry. I thought that I had, but if I make this again (and I'm pretty sure I will), I will have to give the sealing up process a bit more thought. The cheese is pre-oozing here...

Once the patties were cooked it was on to construction. I didn't waste time with things like salad. Instead it was:

A toasted hamburger roll
Dill pickles
American mustard
Tomato ketchup (not tomato sauce)

Juicy Lucy construction

Can I say...the end result was delicious!!! Even though there was some cheese oozing in the fry pan, there was still plenty of cheese left to ooze in the burger.

Juicy Lucy


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  1. That looks yum! You've convinced me, I need to try this....